Miniature Substations

Voltex MV/LV manufactures both coastal and inland miniature substations. Minisubs are made from wither mild steel or 3CR12 and are completed with a powder coated finish. The busbars utilized within the miniature substations are based on a type tested design structure.

Voltex MV/LV miniature substations incorporate either SF6 or Vacuum Circuit Ring Main Units subject to client specification. Miniature substations are built to meet the design requirements and specifications of SANS 1029:2010.

We offer a range of various brands and makes of RMU’s and circuit breakers ranging from Siemens, ABB, Eaton, Schneider and LS.

Miniature substations are equipped with high quality oil cooled transformers that comply with SANS 780 and are sourced from local suppliers and manufacturers. Options also include dry type transformer miniature substations that are built and designed to ensure optimal heat rise and safety. Windings for transformers can be either copper or aluminium and are based on customer requirements.

Containerized Substations

Voltex MV/LV provides custom containerized solutions that allow for maximum customer versatility and design. Containerized Substations ensure easy transport, installation, and maintenance. The design for the substations includes LV Voltage, Medium Voltage and transformer sections to ensure a cost effective solution for substation builds.